How to Handle a Traffic Ticket

How to Handle a Traffic Ticket

Sit down with a traffic attorney in Ocean Township, NJ when you call Erik W. Mueller, Esq.

Don't shrug off that moving violation. Failing to address a traffic ticket could result in the loss of your license and up to $1,000 in fines. Make sure you keep your record clean by talking to a speeding ticket attorney in Ocean Township, NJ.

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When to contest a speeding ticket

In some cases, paying your speeding ticket is the simplest solution. Some times when you may want to contest a ticket include:

  • When it will hurt your driving record. New Jersey's point system isn't very forgiving. If you've accumulated a lot of points on your license, consult with a speeding ticket attorney.
  • When you're ticketed for more than speeding. Speeding might not give you a criminal record, but reckless driving and related charges can turn your life upside down.
  • When you weren't speeding. Sometimes police officers make honest mistakes. An attorney from Erik W. Mueller, Esq. can go over your grounds for contesting a ticket.

Your court date is getting closer every day. Discuss your ticket with a traffic attorney in Ocean Township, New Jersey right away.